Monday, December 13, 2010

12 December 2010

What a week...On Monday we had to take Mia dog to the vet, she some how got a cut on her tail that got infected. She was forced to wear the dreaded "cone" for most of the week.  She then had to go back to the vet on Thursday to have a tooth pulled. Not such a fun week for Mia dog!!

On Thursday's after school Gavin takes gymnastics. He is one of only four 2 year olds in his class. The other kids are primary school age.  He absolutely loves going "J-nastiks" and coming home and practicing his "sunner-souts". Here are some pictures from this week... My favorite is the crooked hand stand!

On Friday Gavin had to have tubes put in both of his ears. I have several friends whose children have had this surgery but none the less I was a bit overwhelmed knowing my little guy was going to be put under.  I had also heard a few "horror" stories about kiddos crying uncontrollably after coming out of anesthesia {now I was even more freaked out}.... but no worries Grandpa and Grandma came to the rescue and came to stay and help me out for the weekend.  Little did we know not only did Gavin do great when he woke up in recovery, he was in a GREAT mood all day! I was calling our family to let them know we were home safely, and Gavin had my moms phone and said he was "texting his friends!" Hmmm...wonder where he got that from! 

Every year my neighbor and I have a Christmas baking day where we make a nauseating amount of cookies, candies, etc... to give to our friends, clients and our local fire station. We had scheduled it for Saturday, but thought we were going to have to cancel it due to Gavin's surgery. Turns out we got to bake most of the day and Gavin had a blast helping bake cookies and bagging everything up....However, I think his favorite part of the day was sampling ALL the goodies {Guess he was in charge of quality control}

 Wearing our Christmas aprons
 Gavin asked me for another cookie and I said yes, and this was his reaction! Guess he really wanted that cookie!

On Sunday we decorated the tree and the rest of the house. Yes, we are a little behind this year! Decorating the tree this year was extra special for a couple of reasons:
1. Gavin was old enough this year to really get excited about it.  He helped me fluff the branches on the tree as well as hang the ornaments. He kept telling me "lights pretty mommy!" 

The second reason was for sentimental reasons. When I was about 3 my grandmother and my great aunt made me and all of my cousins each a set of ornaments. They sewed all 4 sets of ornaments by hand, there were all sorts of popular characters. The Wizard of Oz, Mary Poppins, The Seven Dwarfs you name it we probably had an ornament for it! When I was growing up my mom always put up two Christmas trees, the "formal" tree and then a tree for me with all of my ornaments. This tree was so special to me and I still remember decorating it each year. Unfortunately, when I was off at college my parents house flooded and I lost all of my ornaments. I was so sad that I would not be able to share this tradition with my kids....then last year after Christmas I got a package in the mail from my cousins wife and it was a large box FULL of all of their ornaments from our grandmother. She had attached a note that said she knew I had lost all of my ornaments and she wanted to give me theirs! Thank you so much Debbie, it means so much to me that I will be able to share this tradition with Gavin! Here are a few pictures of the Cowardly Lion and Tin Man....two of my favorites!

 Hope everyone has a wonderful week!


  1. I'm the glad the hectic weekend didn't stop the publishing of Week-End. How do I save all these? You know, it's the Grandma who doesn't want to miss a single picture of G man. Thanks for the memory means a lot to us too!!!!!

  2. Hi Mom! Glad you are feeling better! The beauty of a blog is you don't have to save all of these, the wonderful magical world of the internet saves it all for you in cyber-space! {detecting my sarcasm} :-) Just kidding mom, the posts will be here for you to view as long as the blog is active. You can view any posts in the archive!