Monday, December 6, 2010

5 December 2010

Saturday was Gavin's grandmothers birthday. He helped me create a card for her. He had so much fun picking out the colors and kept saying "Gannin want cupcake!" Here is the card we mailed out. Happy Birthday Nana!

Gavin's best friend in the whole world is Mia Mallory {whom we refer to as Mia girl, not to be confused with Mia dog :-)} Mia girl is 3 and Gavin pretty much follows her around like a lost puppy! Too cute! When Mia outgrows her pj's she always passes them onto Gavin {which we greatly appreciate}. What is so funny is that most of these pj's in some way shape or form have one of your favorite Disney princesses on them! Gavin has fallen in love with a pair of fleece, pink, purple and turquoise jammies with the lovely Miss Ariel on them. He wants to wear them every night and says "Gannin wear Mia girls jammies!" Just had to take a picture!

This past Sunday was no different than most Sundays in our house during football season...We spent  the afternoon cheering on our beloved Dallas Cowboys! It was a close game against the Colts but thank goodness we scored a field goal in OT.  As usual we had on our Cowboys garb! Here is a Gavin after the game, he was telling me "Go Bow-Bees" {Cowboys in Gavin lingo}

Gavin will be having tubes put in his ears on Friday :-(, the good news is his Buma and Bumpa are coming to see him this weekend! Hope everyone has a great week!


  1. why is he getting tubes in his ears for?

  2. He keeps getting ear infections and the antibiotics aren't working!